Reconstruction: A Moment in The Sun

This is a great video from the good folks at Nashville Public Television and Tennessee Civil War 150 covering Reconstruction in that state.

From the video’s description:  “The end of the Civil War was not the end of hostilities between North and South. Years of fighting over how to reunite our divided country and what role millions of newly freed African Americans would play still lay ahead. Tennessee’s tumultuous reconstruction era is a riveting tale of revenge, domestic terror, and broken promises. Featuring moving reenactments and interviews with acclaimed historians, Nashville Public Television’s original production ‘RECONSTRUCTION: A Moment In The Sun’ brings the story of that turbulent time to life.”


  1. Pat Young · · Reply

    Hey, glad you are highlighting Reconstruction.

    1. There will be more as well. 🙂

  2. You know I am going to put some of the videos you find on my own blog. Thanks in advance.

  3. Did the Credit Mobilier scandal have any effect on Reconstruction?

    1. Not really that I can see.

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