James McPherson: “The War That Forged a Nation”

Here’s Professor McPherson speaking with journalist Frank Sesno on the Diane Rehm Show regarding his new book.

You can access the interview here.

I generally agree with what he has to say with two exceptions.  First, he continues the specious claim that the Civil War changed the way we treat collective nouns.  He makes the same claim in his book, though he has no source for it.  He also made the claim in an essay in his book, Drawn With the Sword, again with no source.  I guess even learned, distinguished historians can pass along nonsense.  My second complaint is related to that.  It’s his claim that the US was generally thought of as a loose confederation of states.  Many in the South believed that, and some in the North believed it, but most of the country as a whole didn’t.  We even had Supreme Court cases that obliterated that viewpoint.



  1. Need to check your link

    1. Thank you. Hopefully it works now.

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