Aloha Friday May 1, 2015


This is the view from the top of Diamond Head, looking down on Waikiki.

Here’s some IZ to set the Aloha mood.

The floor is yours.  What do we talk about today?



  1. Very pretty ukulele piece. And as usual IZ’s voice and lyrics induce a nice, soothing feeling.

    If I may, I’d like your thoughts on reconciliation fact vs fiction. For a specific example, the Angel of Marye’s Heights – did it really happen? It is a nice story. When I checked out the story, I came across enough descriptions from different sources that I thought it probably was for real, at least to some measure. Like your bust of Stonewall, my Kunstler print of this is arguably the only pro-Confederate symbol in my office.

    For another, how about Lee kneeling next to a freedman to receive communion in church? I had assumed that was fiction just on face value. Then, I saw it in Flood’s “Lee the Last Years.” Since I’ve always thought of Flood as a credible author, I felt I had to keep an open mind on that one.

    Your thoughts?

    1. I think the Richard Kirkland story was probably true, but may have been embellished a bit. As to the Lee in the church story, I think it might have happened, though my take on it was Lee telling everyone to just ignore the interloper.

  2. Rosemary · · Reply

    How come we never hear about soldiers being attacked by alligators, bears, snakes? …. it is always just people, mosquitoes and lice. I know this sounds off beat … still…

    1. My guess is that relatively few soldiers go close enough to bears and alligators to get attacked by them, and while I’m sure there were plenty of snakebites, healthy adults usually don’t receive enough venom to be killed.

  3. Rosemary · · Reply

    they walked in swamps… they straggled…
    ok.. I’m a naive city woman…. but I am glad I asked..
    I always say there are no stupid questions, only poorly phrased ones. You buy that, right? 🙂

    1. I found out in my past that there are indeed stupid questions, but you haven’t asked any. 🙂

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