“When Did the American Civil War End? Legacies in Our Own Time”

Here’s Prof. David Blight giving a lecture at the University of Kentucky’s Gaines Center.  It’s a typical lecture from Professor Blight where he meanders around the subject and has an almost stream of consciousness approach.



  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Yes, he does meander. But he’s witty and insightful and frankly one of the best speakers of any you have recommended over the years. Love the way he uses words — the “two flashbulb memories colliding” (Appomattox and the AL assassination), “incompatible definitions of liberty” and “oracles.” Never knew that there were separate Union veteran groups for amputees and former POWs. Or that 1/3 of Americans today can trace their ancestry to someone in the Civil War. Love his tribute to Bruce Catton who he calls a “wordsmith.” So is David Blight.

    1. In the words of my very smart daughter, “Professor Blight is brilliant.”

  2. Pat Young · · Reply

    Al, he is one of my favorite speakers on the Civil War era.

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