Longwood University Civil War Seminar Day Three

Day Three of Longwood University’s Sixteenth Annual Civil War Seminar started with Ranger Bert Dunkerly giving an excellent talk on “The Forgotten Surrenders” of the Civil War.


Casey Clabough, a professor of English, spoke on the Confederados, former confederates who emigrated to Brazil after the Civil War.  I enjoyed it, and it’s a subject we don’t always hear about.


Finally, we hear from John Hennessy, Chief Historian and Chief of Interpretation at the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park.  John does a terrific job with a very thoughtful and thought-provoking presentation on “Freedom, the Civil War, and its Legacies.”  John is always excellent.


This was a really good conference.  Next year they’re going back to a one-day conference.



  1. John Hennessy’s presentation is challenging and at times brilliant. I was sorry to see that only 60 or 70 people were still there to hear him. I think this speech deserves to be heard by a lot more people. Thankfully, we can spread it through the net.

    Thanks for posting it Al. This gave me a lot to think about.

    1. I’m glad you liked it, Pat. I feel the same way. I thought it was terrific.

  2. Rosemary · · Reply

    Well now.. I was disappointed in the talks. I feel like programs, at least the ones available online for free (which sadly is all my budget can handle these days) are rushing ahead without doing justice to the war…. I wanted to hear about Five Forks which Cspan didnt broadcast. I was disappointed in Appomattox battles talk because it meandered and in the end the speaker was rushed.
    While I’m complaining about free expertise for which I actually am grateful, I would like to say the Park Service programs at battle sites after Gettysburg are pretty boring. I really wanted to find stuff on Petersburg and still am hoping end of the war battle talks will turn up. My favorites who spoke about early war stuff seem to be silent or not posted – Ethan Rafuse, Gary Gallagher, Brooks Simpson, Carol Reardon, Scott H formerly of Gettysburg to name a few. …. Elizabeth Varone came through with her piece on Lee — it really forwarded along thinking about this historic period.
    I dunno. Maybe I learned a lot and have higher standards? I’m not a freshman any more.

    1. This year’s Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College will cover the end of the war, and C-SPAN should be covering many of the lectures. In addition, as part of the CWI we’re traveling down to Appomattox. C-SPAN often covers the tours, so that’s a possibility as well. Also, the Sacred Trust lectures at Gettysburg this July will cover the end of the war and after as well. More things are on the way.

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