Craig Symonds On Abraham Lincoln

Here’s Craig Symonds, Professor of History Emeritus at the United States Naval Academy, speaking on Abraham Lincoln.

From the video description:  “Craig Symonds gives the keynote address at the Civil War Symposium ‘What a Cruel Thing is War: Sacrifice & Legacy of the Civil War’, Wilmington NC on Feb 27, 2015. Sponsored by the NC Department of Cultural resources, Archives & History Division.”


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  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Having read three of his books (Johnston, Cleburne and the war at sea), it was good to hear him. Good speaker, great eye contact and terrific inflection. Good Q & A session, too. Had never considered the economic issue he raised — that there was a finite amount of tillable land in the slave states, that the number of slaves was increasing exponentially and that the “peculiar institution” had to expand into the territories else the cash value of slaves would have gone into free fall. Economically, it had to expand to survive. Also his remark that all of the ships in the western hemisphere would not have been enough to transport all the former slaves somewhere. BTW, Dr. George Todd’s account of the assassination including the letter to his brother is included in Timothy Good’s “We Saw Lincoln Shot: One Hundred Eyewitness Accounts” — a good book not mentioned very often on CW groups. I would like to see his presentation on the blockade. Can you post a link?

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