Austin Teenager More Trustworthy Than Adult SCV Liar

This article gives me a good feeling about today’s youth.  Young Jacob Hale, an eighth grade student in Austin, Texas, was concerned over the state’s “Confederate Heroes Day.”  Jacob tells us, “I think it’s ironic that we celebrate MLK Day, where we’re supposed to be celebrating racial progress and the fight for equality, but then also we have Confederate Heroes Day which acknowledges the men who fought for slavery as heroes.”  He’s proposed to replace that day with “Civil War Remembrance Day.”  Jacob explains, “We also need to remember the Confederacy because that’s a huge part of Texas history, but we shouldn’t just single out the Confederacy and recognize them as heroes when a lot of what is associated with the Confederacy is not heroic.”  He has a state representative on his side, who’s introduced a bill in the state legislature to do just that, a bill Jacob originally drafted.

As usual, the SCV has to display their dishonesty.  Marshall Davis of the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans claims, “The men who joined the north from Texas were ultimately traitors.”  So he claims men who fought for the United States were “traitors.”  He shows why the SCV can never be trusted and why many consider them to be low forms of life.  He claims that having a confederate heroes day on the same day as Martin Luther King Day is “an excellent way to live Dr. King’s dream of tolerance and diversity.” Yeah, celebrate slavery and white supremacy on Martin Luther King Day as a way to show tolerance and diversity.  One wonders if there is any limit to how low these people go.  Davis next lies about the war:  “The war between the states was not about slavery, it was about state’s rule and economics.”

But Jacob knows his history and isn’t fooled by the lies of the SCV.  He points to the Texas Declaration of Causes for Secession and tells us, “The history kind of wrote itself in 1861.”  Reading from the Declaration of Causes, he quotes, “…Based upon the unnatural feeling of hostility to these Southern States and their beneficent and patriarchal system of African slavery, proclaiming the debasing doctrine of the equality of all men, irrespective of race or color — a doctrine at war with nature, in opposition to the experience of mankind, and in violation of the plainest revelations of the Divine Law.”  Jacob adds, “As if that’s a bad thing.”

It warms my heart to see a young man so well versed in actual history standing up for what’s right, and it turns my stomach to see the depths to which the SCV is willing to delve to lie about history.



  1. The folks over on Facebook are calling the kid a “little commie troglydite” and saying he should “get kicked out of Texas.” The kid in question is thirteen years old.

    These are the self-described “Defenders of Southron Honour.”

    1. There is clearly no depth to which they will not sink.

      1. A lot of these folks are so infatuated with the idea of being “politically incorrect” that saying something outrageous or offensive becomes an end unto itself.

        1. I agree, Andy, but is that the case here? I frankly think that’s giving them too much credit.

  2. Jimmy Dick · · Reply

    It is pretty bad when an eighth grade student has to correct adults who are knowingly lying about the past. The SCV continues to destroy itself while our youth show us the future. I feel pretty good. I hope his history teacher is not attacked by the SCV. Using primary sources shows exactly what took place. Look how many times the neo-confederates have failed to address the questions raised by the primary sources.

    1. All true, Jimmy, and when they try to use primary sources they fail miserably because they have no clue about how to use or evaluate evidence. Context is clearly a concept far beyond their understanding.

  3. Pat Young · · Reply

    Kids got a point.

    1. And unlike the SCV, it’s a valid point.

  4. The kids are alright. Some of the adults, not so much.

    1. Jacob is no doubt a great student. His teacher deserves a pat on the back.

  5. It looks to me like all neo Confederate web sites are either closed or offer little opportunity for discussion. Correct me if I’m wrong, but with the exception of issues related to slavery, NeoCons never make any reference to any actual legislation, court actions, speeches, or public demonstrations that would indicate any desire among the general population of the South to indicate a desire to leave the Union.

    1. I don’t think I would go that far. “Never” is an absolute that I would avoid. There were a number of speeches made in support of secession, and there were a number of public demonstrations in support of secession. There was a general vote on secession in a few states as well.

  6. Al, yes, I have to agree “never” is too absolute. Yes, there were calls for secession, but from what I have read they were all based on slave owners rights. Where is the evidence to support the Neo Confederate claim that secession was about unfair taxes and states rights, and not slavery?

    I keep going to pro Confederate websites looking for some sort of reliable evidence that would support their claims that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery. Am I wasting my time?

    1. I’d say that generally speaking one is wasting their time going to neoconfederates for anything reliable. Of course, even a blind squirrel will find an acorn every now and then, and even a stopped analog clock is right twice a day. What some will point to is South Carolina’s Address to the Slaveholding States, claiming that gives the tariff as the reason for secession, which is actually not the case. Some will point to Northern editorials that lay out why a low confederate tariff would be a huge economic problem for the Union without making any competent analysis of those editorials and their contexts at all. As to state rights, they would no doubt point to the secessions of the upper south, which didn’t occur until after Lincoln’s call for troops. A deeper study of secession in those states, though, shows that slavery was still the most important factor.

  7. Timothy Venable · · Reply

    I took a history teacher apart one time for belching this hog wash. The Confederacy was noble in their fight to secure the Constitution. I believe the child is a mouthpiece for those that can’ defend their stance, of the last slave was released in Boston. The South tried to sue for piece 3 times saying on an early occasion they would free their slaves. The tyrannies dictator Lincoln refused them. It was a war of politics more than slavery. The kid should listen to someone with a higher degree in this most maligned time of Americas history try your local SCV or look at H.K Edgerton on you tube.

    1. This is a fine example of the poor education to which some of our older folks were subjected. Young Jacob knows far more about the actual history of the Civil War than you’ve demonstrated with this comment, sir. You will never get accurate history from the SCV or especially from H. K. Edgerton, who I must admit has a great scam bamboozling poorly educated whites out of their money by playing to their ignorance and their prejudices. “of [sic] the last slave was released in Boston.” Do you really believe such nonsense? “The South tried to sue for piece [sic] 3 times saying on early occasion they would free their slaves.” Which drugs were you taking when you had that particular hallucination? I highly suggest you read an actual history book instead of those SCV comic books you have in your bathroom/meth lab.

    2. Jimmy Dick · · Reply

      Try a higher degree? The kid is already smarter than the SCV and H.K combined. See, when facts are used you get a history that reflects what really happened. When you make stupid statements and base your argument on the lost cause myth you just sound ignorant. So, run along and get some facts. Start with the three attempts by the South to free their slaves.

  8. Timothy Venable · · Reply


    1. Well, little Timmy apparently can’t defend his two silly claims in his previous comment. Obviously not, since they’re pure fantasy, but it would have been nice to see him try. Oh, and Timmy, you should also learn the proper use of the apostrophe. I guess you were asleep for that lesson.

  9. Timothy Venable · · Reply

    [edit]H. K. Edgerton was beaten up by some of your enlightened little pin heads that you’ve helped to produce in Chicago of all places. He doesn’t make a dime from the SCV unlike you that gets paid to spread your revised hi story. [edit]

    1. Little Timmy is so cute when he rants like that. He’s totally ignorant of H.K.’s standard fee for appearances: $20,000 to appear, plus lodging and meals, plus he charges a travel fee of $.62 per mile. So if you want H.K. to scam you, you’ll have to put the money up first. It sure would be nice if I got paid for this little blog, but I do this out of the goodness of my heart to try to help folks like Timmy get the education they never received in the past. I don’t believe H. K. was beaten up in Chicago or anywhere else. You really need to stay off the meth, Timmy.

  10. Timothy Venable · · Reply

    [edit] Before closing did you know who made more money from slavery. Its easy who owned the slave ships? Still guessing? The South didn’t own any in fact the North for a better part of the unconstitutional war was still bringing in slaves. Signing off now [edit]

    1. I was kind enough to edit out your semiliterate attempts at insults and make you look better, Timmy. You’re welcome. You’re completely wrong about who made the most money off slavery. It’s true there were Northerners who were involved in the slave trade, but southerners were as well. The most famous slave ship of all, the Wanderer, was owned by three southerners. Your drug-addled fantasies about history are entertaining, though.

  11. Jimmy Dick · · Reply

    Is Tim another name for our friend of many names and no brains?

    1. Possible, but I doubt it.

      1. The style of the many-named witless wonder is very distinctive, and this appears to be in its own realm.

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