The Battle of Sailor’s Creek April 6, 1865: Gettysburg Winter Lecture

Here’s Ranger John Heiser talking about Robert E. Lee’s retreat from Richmond and Petersburg and the Battle of Sailor’s Creek, fought on April 6, 1865.  John does a really good job here.  He has a great deal of information for us.  There were a few typos on some slides, but it’s still an excellent presentation.



  1. John Heiser · · Reply

    Thanks for promoting the park’s Winter Lecture Series, Al. We all appreciate you providing these on your blog. And I’m living proof that no matter how many times one can look at the slides of a Power Point prior to the program, the one to remember had the typo! (And since I cannot officially change Kershaw’s first name to Richard, I will admit my error with all apologies to General Joseph Kershaw!)

    1. Thanks, John. Good tip: Let someone else proof your slides. You know what they’re supposed to say, so your brain will make you think they say what they’re supposed to say.

  2. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Regardless of the typos, it was a really good presentation. Thanks for sharing. And (you know this is one of my pet peeves), he doesn’t read it all. He simply talks to us. In 2013 on our trek through eastern Virginia, Pete Taylor, Mike Kiernan and I followed the “Lee Retreat Route” from Petersburg to Appomattox C.H. In one of those little towns — Amelia C.H., Jetersville, Burkeville or Farmville (sorry, I don’t remember which), we stopped for lunch in a little bar. Absolutely one of the best burgers I ever ate. And the beer was icy cold.

    1. John did a great job, as usual. We’re really lucky with the NPS ranger force. They are dedicated professionals, knowledgeable, and seeking to serve the public as much as possible.

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