The Civil War: Episode 6 – Valley of the Shadow of Death (1864) | Ken Burns Documentary

Episode 6 covers the Overland Campaign.  You’re not going to get an understanding of the Overland Campaign from this.  It also covers Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign.  You’re going to get a marginal understanding of the Atlanta Campaign with this.  There are also some minor inaccuracies in the profiles of Grant and Lee.

Nevertheless, I think it does a great job of whetting a person’s appetite for more information.  The images and the words of the participants are compelling.  Shelby Foote again sounds great.  Indeed, after the series concluded there were really people who thought Foote actually fought in the Civil War.  So if you’re new to the Civil War, I highly recommend the series.  Just realize you’re going to have to do a little bit of unlearning and relearning afterward.


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