The Final Fourteen Days of Abraham Lincoln: Gettysburg Winter Lecture

Here’s Ranger Chuck Teague on the last two weeks of Abraham Lincoln’s life.  He’s done a great job of research, but the cheesy attempts at accents really have to stop.  I like the fact that he kept within the time limit, though he needs to work on pronunciation [“Keckley,” not “Kleckeley,” and the “g” in “sockdologizing” is the soft sound like a “j” instead of the hard sound].  There’s some really good information in here, though I think he’s a bit too hard on Mary Lincoln.


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  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Agree with your “cheesy” accent remarks. At times, Teague’s Lincoln sounds like a Virginian. LOL In spite of the kerfuffles, his presentation seems to have been well received and hey, it was interesting. I do wish he had not read it all. I’m sure you know of this site but others may not. Go here to find what Lincoln did on any given day. It’s a good resource.

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