Point of Honor

This is a show on Amazon.  It concerns a Virginia slave-owning family with a son at West Point.  One of the daughters is married to a West Point cadet from the North. [I don’t believe cadets at West Point were allowed to marry at the time, but I’m not sure]  War comes and the cadets from the Deep South walk out of the chapel.  Apparently the film makers aren’t aware they would have left months before.  For some reason that we’re never told, the son at West Point gets to make all the decisions about the plantation, even though his father is still alive and apparently in good mental health.  Much of the plot is stolen from “North and South.”  We have the daughter with the loose morals and the daughter in love with a Union soldier, who is also the best friend of the confederate soldier brother.  Also, the confederate soldier gets on the right side of slavery.  “North and South” did it better, making him a benevolent slave owner whereas “Point of Honor” does it in a way that is absurdly unbelievable, having him free all the family’s slaves.

You can see some reviews online, such as here and here.

I have to disagree with Kevin slightly.  I don’t believe it buries the lost cause.  I think it sacrifices one part of the lost cause for another.  Certainly it says loud and clear that slavery was the reason for the war, but we have the absurd notion of a planter freeing his slaves, then joining the confederate army.  The filmmakers want the confederate to be on the right side of history, but it also fits in with the part of the lost cause narrative that says individual confederate soldiers weren’t fighting for slavery.  The villains are Union soldiers, which also fits in with another part of the lost cause myth.

From a history standpoint there are so many errors that one gives up trying to list them.  Of course, this is about entertainment, not history, but it also wasn’t very entertaining.  My reaction to it from an entertainment standpoint was, “Meh.”

Here’s the pilot episode.  See for yourself.  What do you think?


  1. The marriage thing—which I only know about from reading commentary on the show; I’ve not seen it myself—bothered me as well.

  2. The writing was terrible. The southerner stereotypes were over-wrought. Rhett Butler was better.

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