“We Always Understood Each Other So Well” by Dr. Ethan Rafuse

Here’s Ethan Rafuse of the US Army Command and General Staff College speaking on Robert E. Lee and George B. McClellan at the US Army Heritage and Education Center in 2012.  Ethan does a great job.  This presentation is packed with good information.

The video’s description reads, “The Civil War in the Eastern Theater in 1862 was the stage for a grand confrontation between two distinctly different armies and commanders. When the year began, Robert E. Lee languished in relative obscurity, while George McClellan strode the Union war effort like a colossus. By June, McClellan had led his Army of the Potomac to the proverbial gates of Richmond and ultimate victory for the Union seemed within sight. Then, however, Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia struck back and by the middle of September had carried the war to the outskirts of Washington and then across the Potomac River into Maryland before McClellan managed to turn back the Confederate tide. This talk will look at both of these commanders and how the dialogue between their respective approaches to the war–and their mutual understanding of the strategic and operational dynamics in the East–colored its conduct in 1862 and cast a long shadow over the entire war.”


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