Confederate Emancipation Low Lecture

Here’s Professor Bruce Levine giving the W. Augustus Low Lecture at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2008.  This is from his book, Confederate Emancipation, which in my view successfully refutes the myth of tens of thousands of black confederates.

The video’s description reads, “Dr. Bruce Levine from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign presents the lecture “Confederate Emancipation” on May 7th, 2008. It probes the public debate that dominated politics in the South during the last six months of the war, the controversy whether to emancipate and arm slaves on behalf of the Confederacy. The lecture explores racial and pro-slavery ideology, the interaction of blacks and whites, among other things.”


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  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Another excellent piece, Al. Although I knew about later ideas such as Cleburne’s, I had never read anything about Ewell’s suggestion to emancipate and arm the slaves in 1861. One problem I had was that the video simply stopped several times along the way — no sound, no picture — so I have had to restart it a number of times.

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