Abraham Lincoln’s Invention of Presidential War Powers

Here’s Professor James M. McPherson speaking on Abraham Lincoln and Presidential War Powers in the Civil War.  It’s a great presentation with some good Q&A at the end.  This presentation was given at Princeton University in 2007.



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  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Learned something new. The question has often been raised why AL didn’t call Congress into special session immediately. As McPherson notes, it was due to the schedule of Congressional elections (seven Northern and border states held them in the spring). Another often forgotten “detail” is that Congress did approve all of AL’s actions almost unanimously after they met on July 4. Another great lecture. I never tire of listening to him although I sometimes wish he would get his eyes out of his notes and simply talk to us as Gary Gallagher, Brooks Simpson and others do. Great conclusion (Lincoln’s remarks on the definition of liberty).

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