Drums in the Deep South

Here’s another old Civil War movie.  It’s the age-old story: two friends on opposite sides, with the girl in the middle.  It’s not bad.  The mountain in Georgia (“Devil’s Mountain”) looks suspiciously exactly like Devil’s Tower in Wyoming,  Imagine that.



  1. I remembered this one from my childhood (really liked it then), and revisited it a few years back. As you say, a little stereotypical – the confederates are portrayed as the heroically outnumbered stalwarts against the Yankee hordes. And I’m pretty sure the piano wire trick wasn’t necessary, from what I’ve read about ACW-era artillery. But yes, not bad.

  2. The lesson at the end of the movie : was the war necessary in order to unite the nation?
    I skipped over most of it. Was there any mention of slavery as a divisive issue?

  3. Dalton Markley · · Reply

    At the end of the movie, did all the confederates die or did some of them survive? This was unclear when I saw the last couple of minutes of the movie.

    1. Not sure if any got out beforehand, but I don’t think anyone who was still on the mountain survived the explosion.

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