I Gotcher Flag Right Here

This past Saturday, November 1, my Civil War Round Table took a trip to Spotsylvania Court House for a fantastic tour of the battlefield led by Frank O’Reilly.

On the way, I finally had a chance to see the second I-95 flag put up by the Flaggers.


This is the view taken from the window of the bus.  I’m glad to see the Flaggers learned their lesson and took my advice after the Chesterfield debacle.  So what message does it send?  Devoid of context as it is, the message is in the eye of the observer.  So apparently it’s telling us racists and traitors to the United States are welcome in Virginia.  After all, there’s no information to deny that message.

I applaud the Flaggers for exercising their right to free speech, for learning from past mistakes, and for putting their message on private property.  Now they need to add context so the message they’re sending is the one that will be received.  Of course, it’s just possible the message they’re sending is the one I specified above.  In which case their mission is accomplished.


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