Civil War Centennial and Sesquicentennial

Here’s fellow Hokie Ken Noe giving a lecture in the new “Discover Auburn” lecture series.  He compares the Centennial of the Civil War in the 1960s with the Sesquicentennial of 2011-2015 and considers whether or not the Sesquicentennial has been a failure.  This is a terrific lecture.



  1. Thanks Al, although I just noticed with abject horror that I misspelled Diane Sommerville’s name. Apologies.

    1. Isn’t it something, Ken, that sometimes no matter how much we try to find errors, it seems one always slips through and we find it after we’ve put it out to the public?

  2. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    You are correct — a terrific lecture. I’m going to put Cook’s book on my “Wish List.” And I finally got to see a picture of the flag along I-95 near Richmond. LOL

    1. Or you could have seen it here.

      Later tonight you’ll be able to see the flag along I-95 near Fredericksburg.

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