Harold Holzer on Lincoln and the Press

Harold Holzer has a new Lincoln book out.  It’s called Lincoln and the Power of the Press.  Here’s a video of Harold talking about the book at the National Archives:

Harold also made a very short “History in Five” video discussing some of the issues from the book:



  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Good presentation and summary of the book, which I mentioned to you in an earlier post on the wartime press some weeks ago. Another good book on the subject is Michael & Edwin Emery’s “The Press and America” (1996). Their book covers a much larger time frame than Holzer’s but has some good stuff on the CW period. One of their comments: “Few presidents suffered more from editorial abuse than Lincoln. Opposition editors … accused him in print of vicious deeds … of drawing his salary in gold … drunkenness … [and] granting pardons to secure votes.”

  2. Pat Young · · Reply

    I am halfway through the book, really good. I was at an editorial board meeting yesterday and two editors brought the book up to me.

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