The Military Education of Robert E. Lee

Here’s Christian Keller of the Army War College speaking at Washington and Lee University on Robert E. Lee.  This is a really good presentation.

I note that removing the confederate flags didn’t remove history from the chapel.

Hat tip to Kevin Levin.



  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Yes, thanks, a very good presentation. The history is in Lee’s service to the C.S.A., what he did as president of little Washington College and some I would think in the very building itself, which was constructed during Lee’s presidency, not the flags which may have flown there in the past or may fly there in the future. There is an old story(often repeated) that during his tenure at the college, whenever his students marched in a parade with the students from V.M.I., Lee always marched out of step. I can’t help but wonder what Lee would have thought of the flaggers.

    1. It’s worth considering that the confederate flag didn’t fly at Washington College when Lee was their president.

      1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

        Yes, I have read that.

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