The 26th North Carolina vs. the 24th Michigan with Ranger Bill Hewitt

This isn’t Bill’s best outing, but it’s still got some great information.  I don’t think referring to the handouts worked very well on video without having the handout on the screen.  That would have made it better, I think.



  1. Rosemary · · Reply

    You can tell this is a knowledgeable, dedicated ranger…. You just know his talks are great in person. Thing is, not every speaker is suited, without training, to the film/video environment.
    Seems like there would be no issue, but let’s face it, not everybody comes off on video like they do in real life – that is why not everyone can be a movie star or make a living as an announcer/presenter.

    Problem also exists, imo, with Gettysburg NPS video about Alonzo Cushing. Another great ranger, obviously, but very hard to understand his speech. Very frustrating! Easy fix, seems like. Slow down (hard cause you can tell he is excited about his topic) and enunciate. (I sound like my Father. Well, he was right,)

    If NPS is going to continue these videos, and I hope they do, maybe it’s time to hold ranger in-service program led by someone like Stephen Lang or his director. Or expert-someone who is cheaper.

    Taking my soapbox and going home now 🙂

    1. I’ve had the same comments about Karlton’s presentation. Believe it or not, he’s slowed down from where he was before, so he has tried to improve. I give him props for that.

  2. Rosemary · · Reply

    It is hard to slow down, I know. I used to work in radio. Hate to say it, but the key is practice. He’s really good.

    1. He knows his stuff and is very dedicated.

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