General Robert E. Lee’s Horse Supply

Here’s an excellent article by Charles W. Ramsdell from the July, 1930 issue of the American Historical Review concerning Robert E. Lee’s problem of supplying horses and mules, thus affecting the mobility of his army.



  1. Al, It would be interesting to review the bibliographies of Coddington, Sears, Trudeau, Guelzo and others to see if this article has been used by them. Rea

    1. Coddington, yes. Sears, no. Trudeau, no. Guelzo, hard to tell because he doesn’t have a separate bibliography. Would have to go through all the notes page-by-page.

      1. jfepperson · · Reply

        What about Rhea?

        1. Rhea did not. He relied on primary sources mostly, memoirs, manuscripts, unit histories, etc.

  2. Checked Kent Masterson Brown’s Retreat From Gettysburg. He didn’t cite it.

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