Overland Campaign Animated Map

The Civil War Trust has done it again.  They’ve now produced an animated map of the Overland Campaign.  You can see it here.



  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Fantastic!!! Nothing like watching the campaign/battles from a birds’ eye view.

  2. Thank you! Great overview of the campaign.

  3. This was great, Al. Wish they did even more of these. Even when you don’t learn anything new, it is still amazing to see how well they deliver the message.

    BTW, have you read Flood’s “1864”? If so, I wonder how you think it stacks up with the other books that deal (at least in part) on the Overland Campaign.

    1. I haven’t read Flood yet, Bert. I just acquired Steere’s book on the Wilderness just a couple days ago. CWT has also done good stuff with Gettysburg and Antietam regarding animated maps and 360 virtual visits.

  4. Yes indeed. I came across their good work on these animations some time ago, and was impressed by the Gettysburg and Antietam ones. I’m glad for the heads up on this newer one.

    BTW, I saw/heard your question asked of Brooks at Gettysburg and thought the banter was pretty funny. The question and answer were pretty good too. 😉

    1. Thanks, Bert. That was really all Brooks. I just played off him. He set it up beautifully.

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