Civil War Journal: Pickett’s Charge

Civil War Journal was another terrific series the History Channel used to show back when they had history programming.  It’s interesting to see some of these and see younger versions of historians, and also to see the interpretations of about 20 years ago to compare with what modern scholarship has taught us.



  1. Ann Kunkle-Jones · · Reply

    I’ve been recording these on the dvr as they come up. Just caught a “new” one this weekend on prisoners of war which was good. What made it really great was Ed Bearss. He takes the stories to a whole other level.

    I think the Civil War Journal episodes are some of my favorites.

    1. I like them too, Ann. I have them all on videotape, and several of them on DVD.

  2. Boy remember those days. Back then you didn’t just download images from the loc and import them into your avid. We’d order prints and lay them on a table and use a motion control camera. We probably had half the loc printed out and in a binder in our library.

    1. Well, you all did a great job, Susan.

      1. Well I can’t take any credit for Civil War Journal, that was before my time, But Civil War Combat I did do, that’s probably why I favor Combat to Journal. 😀 I’ll pass on your compliments to the rest of the crew.

        1. Sounds good!

  3. Since I live north of Seattle it’s difficult for me to find anything up here relevant to the Civil War.
    I did, however, find an historical marker on the island of Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands, that told of Capt. George Pickett. Look up The Pig War. I’d send you a picture, but I don’t know how upload photos to this site.

    1. I know it well. Any good biography of Pickett has it.

  4. Sorry, haven’t read any Pickett biographies, but I did see where he was stationed up here in Washington state. If the Pig War had gotten out of control any speculation on how that may have effected the North vs South situation?

    Another Civil War veteran who served at the same fort was Lt. Henry Robert. He went on to be chief of engineers but he is better known for his expertise in parliamentary procedures, “Roberts Rules of Order”.

    1. It probably wouldn’t have had much effect. After all, the Mexican War’s results actually increased sectional tensions.

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