Barbecue Rebels

Kevin Levin has a great post on his blog regarding changes at Maurice Bessinger’s barbecue restaurants.

You can see the post here.

I highly recommend the clip from the Jon Stewart show with Stephen Colbert interviewing the patriarch of the business, Maurice Bessinger.  It’s hilarious.

Also funny are the comments section of the article on Maurice’s progeny rebelling against his stand and taking down the confederate flag from their restaurants.  All the racists who supported Maurice and said his barbecue was the best ever now say it’s awful barbecue and they only went there because he had the flags up.  You can see many of the usual suspects there.

Interestingly, the South Carolina Barbecue scene is a story in and of itself.  South Carolina Barbecue is dominated by the Bessinger Family, branches of which compete with each other.  Maurice’s places are only part of the scene, located primarily in Columbia.  Melvin, Maurice’s elder brother, has his own barbecue empire.  Melvin has publicly called his brother a racist and has said he doesn’t share Maurice’s views.  There is even another branch of the family, founded by a third brother, Thomas, doing business in Charleston.  All three seem to have the same basic mustard-based barbecue sauce, but only Maurice had the overt proconfederate craziness.  It will be interesting to see if Maurice’s 2nd Generation gets rid of the other neconfederate accoutrements Maurice put in place.


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