Bless the Rangers

One thing that has me really ticked off is the yahoo Randy Neugebauer of Texas trying to bully a park ranger who is there doing her job.

If that’s not bad enough we have other elected officials leading protests against the Park Service, who is just doing their job of protecting our national treasures.

Our park rangers have a thankless job.  Those who haven’t been furloughed are simply trying to protect our parks from vandalism, from careless visitors, and from two-legged pigs who won’t clean up after themselves.

And these morons who trespass on our national parks during the shutdowns are just showing what fools they are, and they’re putting themselves and others in danger, and they’re putting the park in danger because the limited number of rangers on duty have to focus on them, so they can’t respond to actual emergencies in a timely manner, and they’re impeded from stopping a vandal somewhere else in the park.

And these idiots have the gall to blame the rangers.

Folks, when the shutdown is over I urge everyone to go to the nearest national park and thank as many rangers as you can for what they do.  They are dedicated, skilled professionals who sacrifice for us every day for low pay and little appreciation.

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