William Freehling and George Rable on Virginia Secession

Great discussion and recreation of a small part of the Virginia Secession Debate.


  1. Freehling taught at SUNY Buffalo when i was a student. Everyone urged me to take him, but I had gotten a perfect score on the American history achievement test and decided that meant that it was silly for me to study it after high school. Could’a used a good academic counselor back then.

    1. If only we had that DeLorean time machine. 🙂

  2. His “Road to Disunion Secessionists at Bay” from 20 years ago was one of my favorite books on the prewar years. Really interesting dissection of Southern politics.

    1. Good golly, it’s been that long? Yes, it has. Published in 1990. Both volumes were terrific–Secessionists at Bay and Secessionists Triumphant.

  3. SnowBoarder SLC · · Reply

    Very informative video, thanks for posting it.

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