“Go to Amazon and rate the book”

Over at The Gift That Keeps On Giving, the Heritage Instead of History crowd is upset about the salon.com article I posted about here.

Apparently it is considered good practice there to rate and review a book people haven’t even seen, let alone read, and know nothing about except for one article published online.

 Gary Adams Go to Amazon and rate the book and Ms. Thompson.

Note the 3 people who like it.

Of course, we can’t be surprised by this.  It’s typical of that ilk.  They’re not interested in understanding anything.  They’re interested only in their agenda.


  1. Actions like these are why Amazon started making changes to their book reviews. I’ve had a couple posted on their site, but only in cases where I’ve purchased the book and they asked me for a review.
    The Southern Heritage folks really seem to be more concerned with modern politics than anything else. While I’m sure the diehards really believe in their rhetoric, I’d say about 75% of that crowd is only there because it is one of the few places left for them to run their mouths and be heard without most people just ignoring them. They equate the Civil War with left wing activities which just reveals their ignorance of the war, its causes, and its results.

    1. It’s not about history at all, Jimmy.

  2. The NY Times did an interesting article on review abuse on Amazon, pointing to one woman who “reviewed” two books each day. George W. Bush supposedly finishes a book every three days, according to Karl Rove, but even he could not keep up with this woman’s schedule.

    That said, it is troubling that people who don’t bother to read a book will review it for political purposes. Considering that most academic works get three or four ratings at most, a few Neo-Cons could wrongly damn a book to poor sales. It would be good for bloggers to keep on top of this to let readers know that certain books have been singled out and that amazon ratings on them do not reflect their actual quality.

    1. Don’t know who would be able to keep up with that, Pat.

  3. Hmm… posting reviews at Amazon for a book one hasn’t read seems not all that different from posting untrue comments on one’s personal blog about a book one hasn’t read, solely for the purpose of denigrating the author. Wouldn’t you say? http://mybacksass.blogspot.com/2013/02/blog-post_17.html

    But what does one expect from TLTKOL? He’s not interested in truth, objectivity and fairness. He’s interested only in his agenda of ridicule, mockery, put downs and false accusations of people simply because they don’t march lock-step with his views of the civil war… An agenda you apparently agree with, Mr. Mackey, or that you at least do not challenge…

    1. Welcome back, Connie. It’s a pleasure as always. Since you don’t link back to Brooks’ original post I can’t read it in context, therefore I can’t comment. I don’t know what TLTKOL means, so you’ll have to forgive me for not talking about whatever agenda you’re referencing. Sorry, Mrs. Ward, but I don’t know if I agree with said agenda or not or whether or not I challenge it, since it’s not clear from your code what agenda it is. In any event, I’ll speak for myself and only myself.

      1. Mr. Mackey, [edit]

        But back to your blog entry here. You say, “Apparently it is considered good practice there to rate and review a book people haven’t even seen, let alone read, and know nothing about except for one article published online.”

        There are fifteen comments following the post with a link to the Salon article. Only two are about the book; the first by David Grove timestamped March 17 at 3:01pm; the second by Gary Adams timestamped March 17 at 9:24 pm, which says, “Go to Amazon and rate the book and Ms. Thompson.” It got three “likes” by Lani Burnette Rinkel, Scott Bowden and Vonda Dixon.

        To focus so totally on one comment, and to attempt to smear an entire group with it, is as manipulative as reviewing books one hasn’t read — not to mention being petty, petty, petty. It is particularly offensive when you realize that nobody followed through on the suggestion (all four reviews currently showing — two 5-stars and two 3-stars — were posted at Amazon on March 5 and March 11 — days before Gary’s comment was posted at the SHPG.

        1. My goodness, Mrs. Ward, so formal. 🙂

          Please forgive the edit, but I don’t want insults to my friends posted on my blog. “TLTKOL” was certainly code. Now that you’ve explained it in the portion I edited out, I see that even though you mean to apply it to one particular person, knowing that person like I do I know it really doesn’t apply. I’ll let you and he hash out your differences by yourselves.

          What you provided was a context you selected, not the context in which the comments in question were written, so I am still not going to comment without seeing them in their actual context. Oh, and I hope you don’t take offense, but I’m not a regular reader of your blog. I will take a look when links show up, but beyond that I pretty much leave it alone.

          As you well know, Mr. Adams is the main character in the historical comedy known as the “Southern Heritage Preservation Group,” aka “The Gift That Keeps On Giving.” No one contradicted his comment, and three people liked it. So it is fair to say that it is considered good practice on that group to rate and review a book people haven’t even seen, let alone read, and know nothing about except for one article published online. I’m interested to learn that either the folks in that group are too lazy to do as Mr. Adams suggested, thinking others in the group would do the work for them, or that they think so little of him they simply ignore his suggestion, though they didn’t speak against it. Thanks for taking the time to look into that. Interesting also that Mr. Bowden was one of those who liked the comment. I wonder how he’d feel about his work being rated by people who didn’t read it but simply wanted to make a statement against him personally.

          So what do you think of my posts on the Future of Civil War History conference? How did you like my recaps of the Gettysburg Winter Lectures? What do you think of the posts I made on the 90th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry?

          Don’t be a stranger.

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