They Only Love Their Ancestors Who Fought For Slavery

The Gift That Keeps On Giving never fails to disappoint.  Here we have an instance of an individual who “loathes” one of his ancestors who fought against treason.  Why?  ” My reason is simple, this particular soldier was from East Tennessee and yes I know that alot [sic] of people in East Tenn loved the USA but Tennessee was a Confederate State and theirfore [sic] I hate this ancestor because in my eyes he commited [sic] treason against the Confederate States of America.”

If this clown didn’t have an IQ less than the outside air temperature he’d know that since unilateral secession was an act without any legality every confederate who fought against the United States was a traitor to the United States, and that every southerner who fought for the United States was a patriotic American.  He probably cheers for the Taliban, too.  I wonder if he was one of those who were dancing in the street on 9/11.  All I can say is that he’s lucky he lives in the United States where he can spout such moronic idiocy without fear of being arrested, as a Unionist in the confederacy would be, or without the fear of being hanged, as happened to the Unionists in Gainesville TX.



  1. Evidently he should loath the Tennessee education system too given his writing ability. Not sure if you would find as high of percentage of Union supporters in east Tennessee today as in 1861.

    1. I’m with you on the percentage of Union supporters. That entire group is a sad commentary on the state of history education.

  2. Jimmy Dick · · Reply

    I’m actually surprised he acknowledges that his ancestor was a Union supporter. He obviously must be one of the diehard Causers to have such a ridiculous concept of treason.

    1. I’ve seen even worse concepts of Treason. Did you know they think Abraham Lincoln was a traitor to the United States for being the commander-in-chief during the Civil War?

  3. I have a number of kin that fought for the so called confederacy,wouldn’t think of hating them.This kind of reasoning is unhealthy.

    1. I agree. If I had an ancestor who was misguided enough to fight for the confederates I believe I wouldn’t hate them, especially since I would never have known them personally.

  4. Stephen Heisler is a young man, and young men often say impulsive and foolish things. Last year he suggested that members of the Virginia Sesquicentennial Commission be killed because of the so-called “Custermobile” they sponsored. Maybe he’ll grow out of it, and maybe he won’t. If he does, it won’t be because any of his peers over there rein him in.

    1. I dunno, Andy. Somebody who calls himself “Bummer” — a self-described old guy — has suggested in recent flogger comment threads that Tripp Lewis is mentally ill, and prescribed horsewhipping — twice — as “treatment” for that condition. Nobody attempted to rein him in, either.

      1. Nice to see you, Connie. I know you directed your comment to Andy, but since that comment obviously wasn’t here, I can’t comment on it. Andy will comment if he so chooses. I don’t know what a flogger comment thread is so perhaps you can point me to it. I don’t know if Mr. Lewis is mentally ill, but I did find his actions in the videos I saw to be peculiar, to say the least.

        1. Well, Andy referenced a comment by Heisler that isn’t here, so I figured I could reference a comment that isn’t here.

          Bummer’s comments were at Crossroads (here: and Civil War Memory, here (At least Bummer leaves out the charge of Lewis being “mentally ill” out of his CWM comment, but still prescribes horsewhipping.)

          A flogger comment thread is a comment thread that appears on a flogger blog. You obviously know what a blog, is, since you have one. So what’s a flogger? “Politically correct, post-civil rights, race-obsessed, South-bashing ‘historians’ who use their blogs to verbally flog white Southerners, past and present, and people whose view of history, particularly about the civil war, differs from theirs.”

          How’s CRR, btw? [modern political comment edited]

          1. The difference, of course, being that this post featured a comment by the said Mr. Heisler. Mr. Bummer hasn’t been featured in this post. In checking his comment on Brooks’ blog, he’s talking about a type of mental child abuse. In my opinion, child abusers should be dealt with severely, and I distinguish between a child abuser and someone who puts together an historical display. I’ll go out on a limb and suggest you also believe child abusers should be dealt with severely, and that you agree there’s a gulf of difference between a child abuser and someone who puts together an accurate historical display. But perhaps I’m wrong. By the way, I’ve been through the Virginia Sesquicentennial History Mobile, and I know of what I speak. It portrays history accurately. Interested folks can check things out here:

            Thank you kindly for the definition. I see it’s a figment of someone’s imagination. I hear exercising one’s imagination can be a healthy activity.

            CRR is about the same. I tired of the hate-fest and rarely post there anymore. Kindly forgive the editing out of the modern political comment. I like to keep this blog focused on the Civil War era as much as possible.

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