Lone Star Lunacy

Some slight edits.

You know, I really wonder if these folks are serious or if they’re intentionally part of the gag.


If they’re serious it’s a sad commentary on Texas.  That this clown had 225,000 other idiots voting for him is amazing.  Sure, it’s a small percentage of the total number of people in Texas, but it’s still sad that many idiots are there.

So Lincoln came in and murdered 600,000 people for political gain and never gave any liberties to anyone?

Once again we see the massive historical ignorance of neoconfederates–provided these people seriously believe this stuff instead of just pretending to believe it.  I’ve “met” folks on the internet who actually believe that lunacy, so to me it’s entirely possible these folks seriously believe this stuff.  It’s heritage instead of history, after all.

Hat tip to Beverly Friedenberg for finding this item.


  1. Yeah, that question about Lincoln and liberty was telling. Especially as it was asked by a black woman. Unfortunately, when I hear some folks give their assessments of particular historical events their analysis always assumes that what happened to non-whites does not count.

  2. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Unrelated to this thread, but what/where is the monument in the photo at the top of the page? Gettysburg?

    1. That’s the figure of Sallie, the faithful mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteers, on the 11th Pennsylvania Monument on Oak Ridge at Gettysburg. Here’s the transcript of Prof. Robertson’s podcast discussing Sallie: http://www.civilwar.vt.edu/featured/littlemascot.html

      1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

        Thanks. Thought I had seen it but didn’t remember that it was on Oak Ridge. Great story about Sallie. I had read it before but kinda forgot it. There are many, many stories of mascots/pets during the CW on both sides. It might make a good topic for discussion.

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