The 22nd USCT

Alan Skerrett Jr highlighted the flag of the 22nd USCT in this post from his blog.  Alan’s one of those folks who think very deeply about things and has a real scholarly outlook.

As Andy Hall wrote in a comment, their flag isn’t subtle.

I have an indirect connection to the 22nd USCT.  I was first exposed to them a couple of decades ago, when my wife and I were visiting her parents in New Jersey.  They said that a local boy scout, as part of an Eagle Scout project, had refurbished a small cemetery that had some graves of Civil War soldiers, but they couldn’t figure out much about those soldiers.  So my wife and I, with my sister-in-law, took a walk to the small cemetery.  There we saw three graves of soldiers, whose names I wrote down in a small memo book I had carried with me:  William Tribbitt, John W. Hicks [Sgt, Company E], and Andrew Jackson [Pvt, Company C], all three of whom, according to their gravestones, were veterans of the “22nd Regt, U.S. Col. Vol.”

I recommend Alan’s post and I also recommend following the links he provides, especially to the short history of the 22nd USCT.  Reading his blog post brought back memories of that small walk so many years ago.  It’s interesting how one insignificant event many years ago dovetails with something from last year to add some more learning for this student of the war.


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