America’s Civil War

The latest issue of “America’s Civil War” showed up today.  This is a pretty good magazine that has evolved over the years.

The features include news in the Civil War world, “Primary Sources,” which highlights … wait for it … a primary source each issue, with this entry dealing with the Holly Springs Raid.  “Her War” is a feature spotlighting women of the time, some famous some not so famous.  This issue is the account of some slave women and how they helped resist slavery.  “In Time of War” is a timeline showing what happened 150 years ago during the issue’s month.

The main articles include Winston Groom writing on Ulysses S. Grant’s infamous General Orders Number 11, Joseph Wheelan on Sheridan’s destruction in the Shenandoah Valley, Christine Kreiser on Fredericksburg, and Catherine Whittenburg on Midterm Elections during Lincoln’s Presidency.  There are also book and other media reviews (including some short reviews by fellow blogger Harry Smeltzer), and it ends with an interesting photograph and story, this one concerning a soldier’s letter that was hit by a rebel bullet at Fredericksburg.

If you haven’t checked out this magazine, give it a shot.  It has great maps (the cartographer who used to draw the great maps “North and South” had when it first started has moved to “America’s Civil War”) and good photos, along with a great staff of featured writers.

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